Five (5) Simple Strategies to Achieve Happiness


As we embark on a journey to achieve happiness and live a more meaningful life, we need to reconsider what is important to us. We are all different, yet we can all adopt these simple steps to learn how to be happier on an everyday basis. 

  1. Start the day with a smile. Setting a positive attitude from the moment you wake up can have a great impact on the rest of your day. Smiling is infectious so don’t forget to share yours with the world.
  2. Share a moment with a loved one. Spending time with those we cherish can help us boost our happiness and reinforce our connection with them. In this time of social distancing it is important to reinforce our relationships by calling a friend, FaceTiming with family, or just by setting up a virtual date with a loved one
  3. Appreciate the little things in life. We are surrounded by wonderful moments that sometimes go unnoticed. Put your phone down and take some time to appreciate and be thankful for what you have. 
  4. Do what you love. Set aside some time for yourself and do the things that bring you joy. Regardless of how big or small your action is, doing what you love will bring you a great sense of achievement.
  5. Express yourself. Life is too short and we need to make the most of it while we can. Use clothing that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Express yourself with a wide range of colours and let your personality shine.